What to Wear?

You don’t need any special gear or clothing to enjoy your adventure with Alaska Kayak Company! We provide wind/rain proof equipment of all sizes should you need it.

Please wear something warm and comfortable. At a minimum we suggest 2 layers under your jacket, our paddle jackets are water & wind proof but do not provide any insulation. A brimmed hat is great for rain or shine. Technical or quick dry materials are best but you’ll have a great time in jeans, sweatshirts, or leggings. We are exploring. so please wear active footwear. If you are hiking be sure your foot gear is something you are comfortable getting muddy/wet.

What to Bring

Bring your camera! A water proof digital camera is perfect for your trip but don’t be afraid to bring your big SLR and favorite lens or smartphone. We provide dry bags for every person on the trip. Think of these dry bags as your Alaska purse, they are water proof, they float, and should be able to hold your camera and any other small items you would like to bring with you on tour. Anything you don’t need on the water can be stored on our floating office while you enjoy your adventure.

Turn on Your Cell Phones & Check Your Clocks

Please turn on you cell phone. We have your number and we will call you if you have not arrived at our departure location on time. We may also try to contact you in the unlikely event your cruise ships schedule changes or if there are weather concerns. We also ask that you check your phone or watch time against the ship clock/local time zone. If Ketchikan is your first stop, we are an hour behind your last port of call.

Allow Time to Find Our Meeting Location

You’ll find us on Berth 2, holding an Alaska Kayak Company sign, beside the Liquid Sunshine Gauge, in front of the Visitors Bureau, and beside of beautiful bronze sculpture called “The Rock”. This location can be a 1 minute to 15 minute walk from your cruise ship depending on where it docks. Please allow time to find us before tour departure time. We run our trips on schedule and usually cannot hold the trip for late arrivals - if you are running behind, please give us a call at 1 (907) 204-0402.