Our private boat, kayak & fly tour is the best of everything Ketchikan has to offer.. This trip includes it all: remote boating, wilderness kayaking, a wild Alaskan smoked salmon picnic, and a spectacular flight tour of the Misty Fjords National Monument! The Paddles & Propellers Kayak & Hike Tour is the real Alaska experience. You’ll be steeped in nature while making your way through some rugged terrain on both beach and trail.

With 5 full hours on land and sea you are guaranteed time to experience the vivid green eco-system of the rainforest and see a range of marine and intertidal life. Our comfortable, high speed boat can go anywhere and we aim to find the calmest water and the most wildlife on every tour. We can’t make any promises on behalf of mother nature but we regularly see everything from sea stars, jelly fish, seals, and bald eagles to the occasional humpback whale, black bear, and of course the ever elusive killer whale!

After 3 hours boating and kayaking on the water of the Tongass Narrows, guests begin their flight tour to the Misty Fjords.
Great VIEWS abound from your floatplane ride to the misty fjords.

Great VIEWS abound from your floatplane ride to the misty fjords.


PRICE: $2,100 per trip (+6.5% tax & fees)

CAPACITY: 1 to 4 guests per trip (one person must weigh less than 165 lbs, and total group weight cannot exceed 1,100 lbs)

LENGTH: 4.5 Hours


Small boat tour of Ketchikan

Remote coastal kayak experience

Flight tour and water landing in the heart of the Misty Fjords National Monument

Friendly & knowledgeable local tour guide & pilot

Wild Alaskan smoked salmon picnic




Alaska Kayak Company is excited give our guests the opportunity to leave the city and experience the Alaska we love.

Tim & Mary will meet you at the rain gauge, and we’ll take a short stroll through Ketchikan’s bustling waterfront district to our warm, dry small craft. You’ll only share our floating office with a maximum of 4 guests. We have plenty of storage space on the boat to stow your backpacks and shopping bags while we adventure. Captain Mary will set sail and we’ll enjoy the all best views of Ketchikan from the water. Our boat cruise includes a stop by Creek Street, a chance to take a photo in front of your cruise ship, salmon jumping in the Tongass Narrows, a glimpse of native heritage at the local totem park, and the possibility of spotting one of the many whales in the area!

The beauty of our floating office is that it goes anywhere the adventure takes us. Our kayaking location is dependent on the weather, the tides, and the wildlife. While Mary gets you geared up in all the high quality equipment you may need to face the Alaskan elements, Tim will lower our expedition-style tandem kayaks off the boat and into the water. Our boats are super comfortable and very stable. They feel great whether you are a first time paddler or a seasoned veteran. Your two to three hour kayak expedition happens at your pace, on our playground. We will have the opportunity to view the amazing intertidal ecosystem from a paddles distance away and experience all the tranquility the Tongass National Forest coastline has to offer. You can expect to see everything from sea stars, jelly fish and bald eagles to the occasional humpback whale, black bear, and our favorite the killers whales! After our paddle, we’ll head back to the expedition vessel where you will be greeted by a picnic of wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon and drinks.

As we relax on the water following your The cruise back into town is fast, comfortable, and guaranteed to get you there in plenty of time to catch your cruise ship!