Booking a tour

Book online or call us at 1 (907) 204 0402 to book your tour now.

We suggest booking the tour your intend to take with us as soon as possible. Our small group size means we sell out fast and well in advance.


Because of our intimate tour size and limited availability we require full payment at time of booking.

Kayak & Hike Tour Cancellation Policies

All tickets are fully refundable if cancelled at least 14 days prior to the trip date. Cancellations for any reason less than 14 days before your trip date are non-refundable.

Alaska Kayak Company may cancel trips if boating or kayaking conditions are unsafe, but this type of extreme weather is unlikely in the beautiful waters of the inside passage. Should the weather keep us off the water, or your cruise ship is running too late for your trip to be re-scheduled, or if your cruise ship misses our port, all money will be refunded in full.

Kayak & Fly Tour Cancellation Policy

Same as above.

In addition: In rare circumstances, the boating is beautiful but the cloud ceiling is too low for safe small craft flying. If we are unable to fly you home, you’ll boat back with us and we will refund 50% of the tour price.